ISSN: 2535-0765

Publisher: Union of Scientists - Stara Zagora, Bulgaria



All the manuscripts, submitted to the S&R, are considered confidential. The manuscript is checked by the editors for compliance with the instructions for authors. If the authors do not comply, their manuscripts will be returned for correction before evaluation. Failure to comply leads to the return of the manuscript for correction before evaluation. Acknowledgment of receipt of the manuscript will be sent by email to the author immediately after its submission in the magazine.

Articles, submitted to the S&R, will be reviewed by editors and external reviewers in accordance with the highest academic standards. To all manuscripts in S&R we apply the procedure of double "blind peer review": reviewers are not known to the authors and vice versa - the authors are not known to the reviewers. The aim of the "blind peer review" is to assess the academic quality of the manuscripts, submitted for publication. The editors determine the reviewers of the original articles, reports, reviews and additions. Constructive criticism, as a necessary part of this process, is carried out in a professional and respectful manner.  The review process lasts about 2-3 months. The period from receipt to publication of the manuscripts can last up to one year. When the review process is completed, a decision letter will be sent to the authors.

S&R is issued two times a year in electronic form. Each article is published online in PDF format on the website of the magazine as soon as it is ready for publication.
S&R articles are with open access, distributed under the Creative Attribution Non-Commercial License ( conditions. This allows unlimited, non-commercial use, distribution and reproduction on any carrier, provided the original article is properly cited.

Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical  and is unacceptable.