Authors: Metodi Goshev, Biliana Mileva, Alexandar Alexandrov
Keywords: Dog bites, dog bite-related injuries, dog attacks, animal attacks, bite marks

Introduction: Dogs are everywhere around us, they inhabit our homes, as well as the streets, parks, and many other areas. Directed by the conditions of the environment and the situation, the dog can change from а faithful friend of the human to his enemy. It can attack, injure, and sometimes even kill a human being. Injuries range from small, limited superficial bruises, abrasions, and wounds, to significant contusions, rough lacerations of the soft tissues and the blood vessels, and infections, which threaten the health and lives of the victims. Material and methods: This study aimed to perform a retrospective analysis of all the cases reported to be due to dog attacks against humans for the last five years, by materials of the clinic of Forensic medicine and Deontology in Sofia, Bulgaria. Results: For the period 2015-2019, a total of 10139 forensic medical examinations performed at the clinic. Out of them, we have examined the cases related to different types of injuries associated with dog incidents. The results were divided into three main groups: by gender, by age of the victim, and by the origin of the dog - if it’s a domestic one or a free-ranging urban one. Discussion and Conclusion: Dog attacks have been identified worldwide as a substantial public health problem. Too often, as canine bite-associated injuries are seldom serious, limited attention has been given to them. Proper education about bite prevention and responsible pet ownership, has to be done from the youngest age.Download article