Authors: Biliana Mileva, Metodi Goshev, Alexandar Alexandrov
Keywords: Sexual abuse, Sexual assaults, Sexual violence, Child abuse

Introduction: Child abuse does not include only physical assaults. It is any form of maltreatment by an adult, which is violent or threatening for the child, any act against the physical and emotional wellbeing of a child's life. Generally, crimes against youth divided into physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. Material and methods: This study aimed to perform a retrospective analysis of all the cases related to sexual assaults against minors for the last five years, by materials of the clinic of Forensic medicine and Deontology in Sofia, Bulgaria. Results: For the period 2015-2019, a total of 10139 forensic medical examinations performed at the clinic. Out of them, we have carefully examined all the cases related to different forms of sexual assaults against children – by gender, by age, and by the perpetrator of the crime. Discussion and Conclusion: Crimes against youth are а socially significant problem, because nevertheless the type of maltreatment, they can affect equally the victim’s life and the society as well in the future. The injured child may trigger various reactions and mechanisms to deal with the stress – by physically harming himself or committing suicide, by becoming alcohol or a drug addict, or by becoming the perpetrator of a different type of crime. Download article