Authors: Teodora Kiryakova, Biliana Mileva, Dimitar Nikolov, Metodi Goshev, Atanas Christov, Alexandar Alexandrov
Keywords: Violent death, illicit drugs, addiction

Introduction: Illicit drugs include a variety of substances that affect the central nervous system, and abusing them highly increases the risks for engaging in potentially dangerous and life-threatening behaviors. Although violent behavior has different causes, it is well known that acute substance intake and abuse increase the risk of both interpersonal and self-directed violence. Material and methods: For the period 2011-2015 in the Department of Forensic medicine and deontology, Sofia, 4849 autopsies of deceased with full forensic analysis were performed, including the gathering of anamnesis and criminal data from relatives and the authorities of the investigation, overall external and internal examination of the body, and chemical analysis of biological materials. Results: The analysis showed that 188 were cases of violent death with confirmed presence of illicit drugs. Violent causes of death for the above mentioned period are presented mainly by suicide and accident, rarely cases of homicide. In addition, the chemical analysis of the biological materials collected during autopsy established in the highest percentage the metabolites of cocaine and marijuana, especially in the cases of reckless and risky driving. Conclusion: The role of illicit drugs extends far beyond overdose and disease, and plays a significant role in premature deaths, highly increasing the risk of accidents, homicide and suicide.Download article